the last day of Australia , オーストラリア最終日
I could get all I wanted to get in Melbourne. I got tires already from my friend fortunately. For the others, I purchased some I really needed right now.


I had been having leaking problem on MSR stove. I investigated seriously and found that its screw thread of the bulb had been damaged. I think I used too much power to close the bulb.
It cost me $72 that I could get about $45 in Japan. However, I was unsure that I would be able to find same one in Istanbul so just bought it. That's okay, I got good money from winery.
I cooked kangaroo carry for the dinner with Nicholas' family , my host right now yesterday. We had Sake also. Those were nice combination.


From tomorrow, I will take off to Istanbul and be arriving on Wed, 24th via Kuala Lumpur. I'm very exited to see Europe and be able to keep making line I had been making from Bali.
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