Saba sandwich again, サバサンドあげいん

Now, I'm in Istanbul. It was very tiring shitting a tiny seat in airplanes for 18hours total. However, i didn't get bad jedlag because the fright in this time was going clockwise.


I put all peace of bike together at the Istanbul airport and headed to the center. After cycling awhile, the blue mosque has been appeared. I re-recognized that it is a very beautiful thing.

When I first came to Istanbul 4month ago, it was winter. It was cold, cloudy and raining. Those weather made a something special atmosphere in this special place. However, in this time, I'm in middle of spring. The weather is not too cold and warm. Looks the best for cycling.

I stopped a restaurant and had a world famous Istanbul fish sandwich.

Turkish are very friendly. Some men waved their hands and said hello to me. I had thought before that It was normal people saying hello to me during cycling. After away from islam country for awhile now, those hospitality, especially Islam country feels me very relaxed. I like Islam country very much.
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