もうすぐ出発, starting soon
In the last time when I was in Istanbul, I stayed in the Japanese guest house, Tree of Life. This guest house was the best place to meet Japanese travelers and exchange some their experiences. Now, I found that this guest house had been closed due to license problem. I was disappointed it because I expected to see many Japanese travelers in Istanbul and could talk.

前回イスタンブールに到着した際は、Tree of Lifeというヨーロッパ側にある有名日本人宿に10泊もして、久々の日本人同士での交流を楽しんだ思い出があった。残念な事に、その日本人宿はライセンスの問題で春先から閉鎖していて、今回は泊まる事ができなかった。久々に日本人との交流ができると思っていただけにとても残念。

In this time, therefore, I am staying at a person I found on couch surfing, a social web site for travelers to look for a place to stay.

My host is the turkish man, Memecan. He is a turkish archeologist and works at consulting company. We had a lot of good conversation since he was interested in Japanese culture, and I was also curious about many things in turkey.

Memecan's house is in Asia side, so I spent most of the times here. This side is more domestic colors compared to Europe side.

An antique shop, 骨董屋さん

There is a tea house in front of Memecan's home, and people are playing table game from morning to night,

Turkish people like green plum "Umeboshi"...トルコ人は青い梅干しが大好きらしい

A cat shop keeper doesn't care many people walking in front of a shop

As I had some japanese sea food dishes last time, in this time, I fixed tuna and Tai fish plate,

It is now middle of spring. New tree leaves have been growing, and looks people are very happy compared to winter. I'm very pleased that I can cycle europe during summer not winter.
It's been good weather since I came here, so I have been itching my feet for cycling.
I overlooked my route again and figured out the best route now. If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

より大きな地図で ヨーロッパ予定 を表示

I will take off tomorrow since i got prepared enough, and my route is set. I met a lot of good and interesting people in last time and this time both in istanbul. It made a good memory. Definitely this city is the number 1 preferred city within big cities I have visited so far. See you Istanbul. I will come back again.

A ship goes the Bosporus channel and the Blue Mosque behind,
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Re: タイトルなし
イスタンブールでアメリカ長期ビザの面接があるんだよね? ベルリン入りは7月だよね。多分だけどアルバニアかギリシャで会えるような気がしなくもないぞ。
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