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A day before I left Istanbul, I met a Japanese cyclist. His name was Taro. We had some common friends on Facebook. I coincidently found that he was coming to Istanbul. I contacted him and we could meet a day before I took off. He left Japan Feb, 2011 and crossed china, central Asia and Europe. Then now, he was on the way to Japan in deferent route. Since he had cycled Europe already, I could correct some useful informations from him. It was nice meeting with him.


I left Istanbul with Taro's escort and headed a border of Bulgaria. As Taro told me about the traffic from Istanbul, it was just like nightmare, especially 20km from the junction of the airport freeway was a hell. I never cycle that road again.

After passing hell, the road became more peaceful. It was all brown color only I could see when I cycled winter of turkey last year. However, now it became flowery green lands. This atmosphere remembered me how I liked cycling and the way to enjoy cycling; enjoying scenery and meeting local people, finding camping spot and then cooking a dinner with checking a map.

I had been feeling that my spirit of moving forward had been come back after I flew back from Australia. I don't exactly know why but think it's because season changed and refreshed in Australia. It is for sure good sign to me.

It took me 3 days to the border. The road became hilly before 70km from the border. However, it was pretty enjoyable because the forest had been massive green for spring.

The border check point was in pretty remote area. Turkish border was very friendly and easy. It took me only a few minute to pass through. Now, I'm in Bulgaria which is my 18th country in this trip.
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