Who is this??この人わかる??
I really enjoyed visiting Velico Tarunobo and talking to some Japanese staying same guest house. This guest house was awesome as I've heard.


Walking around town, this place looks like Onomich, Japan as there was many hills and cats,
町歩き~毎日 この街は坂が多くて猫も多い、日本の尾道みたい

Hostel Mostel, Dome 20LEF(10Euro), clean, nice stuffs, 2 meals included (Dinner is always small portion, so not suitable for cyclists), free 1 glass of beer at dinner(Always some one who can drink so you can get more), free kitchen and WiFi.
ホステルモステル, ドミ20レフ(10Euro)、部屋綺麗、スタッフ素晴らしい、2食込み(夜飯は少なすぎてチャリには向かない)、夜飯時にはビールサービス(基本1杯だが飲めない人がいるので、もらえる)、綺麗なキッチンとWi-Fi使えます。

I encountered a famous Japanese guy within Japanese travelers.

He used to work at a famous guest house in Istanbul. I've heard that he would take off in May, so it was totally unexpected coincidence. He was very fun to talk with. Took a photo in front of the guest house with him, a Japanese retired gentleman and a stuff of the guest house.
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