Rose Valley and old city, Provdiv バラの谷と古い街プロブディフ
Bulgaria is called "Land of Rose". I heard that 70%of world rose consumption for perfume is from Bulgaria.
In my guide book, there is even area called rose valley, between Sofia and Kazanrak.
However, according to some people I met, there were not much roses flowering this valley, so I decided to skip this valley and head to Provdiv.

ブルガリアはLand of Rose とも呼ばれていて、香料に使われるバラエキスは世界の7割がこのブルガリアで取れた物らしい。

I had couple of passes on the way. It was nice ride through light spring green forest and many flowers along the way. I'm pretty sensitive for pollen so in this time of year, looks flower pollens annoy me with itchy eyes and running nose.

In about 40km noth east of Provdiv, town called Brezovo, I unexpectedly found area where many rose farms were. There were many people picking rose flowers. I was very curious so had a look at how people collect.
They were picking very fast without groves.


They didn't speak English at all but I understood 1kg is for 7 Ref which is about $4. It was very peaceful atmosphere there. I liked it. Bulgarians are very relax and nice people.

As I went through rose valley, I arrived Provdiv. This ancient city is 4000 years old which is considered as one of oldest city within Europe. As I walk in old town, I was impressed that people's life and ancient remaining, such as old roman stadiums etc.., were mixed naturally.

Old Town, 旧市街

Battle Arena for old roman empire, this used to be a battle arena for animals. When I visited there, kids play with historical dance.

A stadium in new town, it was used to be 400m long, and now most of it was under the new town. People discovered this when they dug the ground. Local person said that it's better not to dig anywhere in this town otherwise something discovered might make a problem.

Weekend Bazar, 週末のバザール

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