Ando san's home, アンドウさん家
I left Provdiv after staying for 2 days. I knew there would be nothing interesting for me in Sofia, the capital of this country, so now, I'm heading south where it looks beautiful mountain area.


Bachkovo monastery, 30km south of Provdiv.

There were beautiful wall arts. The sun lights coming into the main building beautifully through the spaces on the top of the roof. It shins on pilgrims and smokes inside of building. There were kind of special atmosphere.

As I cycled into mountains, the weather started getting bad. Then, eventually, it started raining and thunder. The temperature dropped since it was high elevation. I felt awful.

A god was there. I met a guy unexpectedly. It was super nice coincidence. He was from England and had a home in a town I just stopped by a shop to buy stuff. He kindly invited me to stay his home since it was bad weather.
そんな中、救いの神のごとく現れた人物 アンドウさんに出会った。名前だけ見たら日本人だが、バリバリのイギリス人。道端で声を掛けられ、天気が悪いからと家に招待して頂いた。本当ありがたい。

His name was Ando. He is a professional saxophone in England. He owns the home in Chepelare and was just visiting there for few days. He likes skiing mostly but also cycling. He took me a restaurant and a bar after. We enjoyed that night until mid night. In the next morning, I got hung over, and it was still bad weather. I shamelessly asked him if I can stay his home one more night. He said off cause. He was very nice person, and i was really pleased meeting him. Than you, Ando san.
アンドウ さんはプロのサックス奏者で今いる町 Chepelare にマンションを買って 年に何度かブルガリアに遊びに来ているらしい。スキーが趣味で、家はスキー用品だらけ。自転車も好きなようで、4台もブルガリアで所有している。この日はアンドウさんに連れられてレストランやら飲み屋で夜遅くまで飲ませて頂いた。そして翌日は二日酔い。外は雷。全く出発する気になれず、図々しくもあと一泊させて頂いた。本当にありがとうございました。

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