Hill Climb in Pirin N.P., ピリン国立公園でヒルクライム
Cycling mountains near the Greece border. There were some villages where still old buildings left that have roof constricted special way with rocks.


There was Pirin national park on my way. It is one of world heritage in Bulgaria.

There were some route where can be accessed inside of N.P. However, non of them were connected, so I need to go and back same way if I want to get inside. As a cyclist, it's stressful to come back same way but there were nothing I can. I chose a route from Bansko.

At an entrance of Pirin N.P. ピリン国立公園エントランスにて

I thought it's good idea to leave my all luggage instead of taking all up for 13km, so I hided bags behind bushes and took off. There were plenty of nice hiding space for camping.

Crumbing hill was more than I expected. Even without luggages, it was very hard work. However, the view on the way was breathtaking.

I reached to the snow line so couldn't go farther by bicycle.

There were no choices. I left my bike at a restaurant opened I saw on my way and decided to walk from there.

I forgot to bring lunch so asked people at the restaurant. They prepared one for me even though it was before opening.

A chalet at the end of the road. Since no cars can reach there, it was very quiet.

Snow mountains, 雪山。

I couldn't walk more than 1km away from the chalet due to snow, but it was very beautiful.

I believe July and August will be the best season. I heard that there will be a bus service from Bansko to the top. It looks well organized for hiking so will be nice to backpack for few days.

After cycling up very hard and hiking in snow, it is time for a beer. If it is in Japan, this beer, in a mountain, cost $7. However, now, Bulgaria, it costs only $1.5.
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