Hill Climb in Rila, リラでヒルクライム
Rila monastery is the biggest temple within Bulgarian church. It has 1000 years history. I am not a big fan of visiting historical church but decided to visit it because an American tourist I met told me it was very pretty monastery.

For getting there, it's about 20km oneway from Rila village. I thought I would leave my bicycle in somewhere safe in the village and take a bus. However, according to some village people I met, a bus leave only at around noon. I was at the village almost early morning so have a long time to the noon. Then, I decided to cycle up to the monastery.

Unexpectedly, the way to the monastery was not as steep as I expected. I could manage to get to it in two hours with all luggages still on my bicycle. The traffic was also not bad at all. I thought it was because it's early in the morning.

At a small village on the way up. Friendly local and his grand kid.

The Rila monastery was in the valley and snowy Rila mountain behind.

There were not any souvanior shops around. I guessed its because the monastery was one of the world heritages.

Entrance, 入り口。it doesn't have entrance fee of cause, もちろん入場料はありません

The church in the centur. It was very pretty.

So many fresco arts.

The souvenir shop in monastery. Actually, this building is the oldest building in this monastery.

There were not many tourists as I expected there would be so many, so I could take enough time to look around. It was beautiful monastery as I've heard.

It was my last mission in Bulgaria so now I will be heading to Macedonia.
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