Into Macedonia, マケドニア~
There are some border crossing between Macedonia and Bulgaria. I went through the one along E871 which was the major route from Sofia to Skopje, the capitals of both countries. I thought it would be very busy but was not as I expected.



Hmm, my first impression was that Macedonia wasn't much different from Bulgaria. Of cause, those counties were used to be parts of same country. Their languages and cultures are very close. If I need to find a difference, Macedonia is more remote for sure. Towns I have seen were all small, and I have been hearing almost everyday for bells hanging from livestocks. I will remember this country in the future when I hear the bells.

ん~ ブルガリアとさして代わり映えしないな。。。そもそもマケドニア自体ブルガリアと一つだった時代も長かったわけだし、言葉もさして変わらない。違いがある方がおかしいか。しいて違いを言うなら、、、ん~さらに田舎~になった感はある。町という町は小さいし、いつもどこかしらから家畜がぶら下げている鈴の音がカラコロ聞こえて来る。多分この音を聞く度にこれからはマケドニアを思い出すに違いない。

This country had been a part of Yugoslavia, so some cars I saw were from old Serbian made that I've never seen.

In here, people are very relaxed and willing to help tourists. Those are people I met on my way. They gave me strawberries.

I had a very nice coincidence on my way. It was day 3 after border crossing. I met a couple cyclists. Suddenly, he told me "I know you. You must be Kenta Yamaguchi". Then I remembered. I have met him in Laos, 2012. He, English man, James was after crossing china and heading towered Bangkok. We just talked briefly at that time. Since then, he went to north America and met a girlfriend as next to him on this picture. They are now cycling towered china. For him, this is second round tour. I hope I can also find a girlfriend on my way like him... Anyway, it was super nice meeting him again. What a small world..
信じられない偶然の出会いもあった。マケドニア入国3日目にすれ違ったサイクリストカップル。この彼氏の方、英人のジェームスと自分は2012年にラオスで出会っていた。ジェームスに「I know you. Your name must be Kenta Yamaguchi」と言われて始めて彼を思い出した。良くも覚えてくれていたもんだ。彼はイギリスを出てユーラシアを横断、その後北米を走り今の彼女と出会って今は地球2週目に入った所らしい。いやいや羨ましい。自分もどこかで誰かと出会いはないのか。。とにもかくにもすごい偶然だった。サイクリストの世界なんて本当狭いもんです。

After 4 days cycling from the border, I'm already in Ohrid where Albania border is nearby. Since I arrived, it has started raining. I think it's good timing to take some rest and drink cheap cold beers.

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