Ohrid, オフリド
The weather has been crappy since my first day. I cannot change the weather so drunk bottles of beer in middle of the day. It cost $1.5 for 1.5ℓ bottle, and had hams and cheeses with. This was a luxury way of using time. I have been drinking beers everyday since Bulgaria because the price of beer have been very cheap.


I went out some times to check around. Ohrid was used to be the center of Slavs' christianity. There were many old churches and monasteries left in this old town. Old town was quite compact, so it was good size for looking around in couple of hours.

I didn't see much Asians in this town. It seemed there were no many Asian visitors. Thus, locals looked at me very curiously, but they were alway nice. I like Macedonian.

In this time, I had stayed at Mr. and Mss Angeleska's home. They owned an apartment in their property, so I used an empty room as a guest room. It costs €10 included sharing kitchen, bathroom and free wifi. There were no other guests so I used this apartment like my own home. They were so nice. They treated me like one of their sun. Their location is in front of Antonio G.H. which seems pretty famous, so it's easy to find.
今回宿泊させて頂いていたのはヴィラギッツァ(Blagica Angeleska)さん宅。主屋と同じ敷地にあるアパート?を10ユーロで貸して頂いている。ダブルルーム、キッチン、風呂トイレ共同、Free Wi-Fi。とても綺麗で自分以外には誰も泊まってなかったから、アパートを自分の家のように使えてかなり快適だった。ヴィラギッツァさんは世話焼き母さん的な人でいろいろ助けて頂いた。旦那さんも世話焼きで、本当良い人達だった。場所は有名らしいアントニオゲストハウスの目の前。

During my stay there, I fixed a zip of my tent at a tailer shop. The zip had been broken, so my tent had been always half opened. Now, I don't need to worry about mosquitos.

I still need to buy a new tent since my tent, REI 4 season tent, is already old. I hope I can find one in Europe.

My time in Macedonia has been run out very quickly. Next country will be Albania. I couldn't see much this county but at least could find people were very friendly and helpful. I liked Macedonia.
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