Albania, あるばにあ
At an Albania border of Lake Ohrid

Bye Bye Macrdonia, さらばマケドニア

Welcome to Albania, ようこそアルバニア

Such an easy processing at the border as always in this region. Just stopped at a gate with my bicycle and gave my passport to get stamps for off and in.

Albania. My first impression of this country was that Albania was a bit rougher than other countries so far in this region. Streets have been damaged badly so dust came out after big trucks passed. People don't understand Russian. People sometimes talked to me in Italian. Seems there were many Italian tourists. I remembered central Asia after seeing how people acted. They were very curious people, especially children, they were sometimes extreme. Small kids like till 12 years old were okay. They are cute and harmless. However, a group of boys like over 12 years till 15 years were a bit sometime annoying. I think tour cyclists know this feeling.
アルバニアだ~ 何となくアルバニアはゴチャゴチャしていて埃っぽいな。。それもそのはず道が悪い。穴だらけ。よそ見してなんていられない。アルバニアではロシア語は通じない、むしろイタリア語で話しかけられたりする。それだけイタリア人観光客が多いって事だろうか。アルバニアに入って中央アジアを思い出した。人がやたらとガツガツ来る。特に子供達。やたらと観光客に反応する。小学生低学年くらいまでなら可愛らしいが、高学年から中学生くらいまでの男子グループは本当にウザイ。これは自転車旅行者なら理解できるだろう。

For cost of live, it's almost same as others. You can eat a meal at a restaurant in $2. Vegetables were generally cheap. Of cause, it's their main industry.

Now, I'm going to Berat. It was unexpectedly very hard work to get there.

To be continue, 続く
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