Berat, ベラット
In Albania, there were cafes and bars everywhere even in small villages. People including young men hang out there from morning and drink coffee or alcohol. I was wondering the reason. I found the reason when I was in Berat. In Albania, they have very high unemployment; 30%- 40%, and this number is even higher among young.

In this economical situation, many people kill their time in the bars or cafes. However, I saw many young working at farms as well. They must have had same situation but work honestly. I felt I have learn from them and thought I should to be working honestly against Japanese social situation when I go back.

Anyway, I'm in still Albania. As I wrote before, I'm in Berat. This is an old ottoman town so there are many ottoman style buildings left. I have visited some ottoman towns so far, but this place was the best. It's because their old buildings were still kept in old. Some town I visited had buildings looking over-reconstructed.

Casals walls are always left in historical town in this area. That shows the histories of warring states period. Photo taken inside of the wall.

I'm going north instead of going south towered Greece which was my original plan. I changed my plan because i found more interest on cycling mountains in this area. Many many interesting places can be found as many places as I researched. It's hard to decide the route but fun to make it as well.
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思った以上に早く着いたようで良かったです。フランス遠征はいつからになりそうですか? 8月中くらいなら丁度良く会えますね。
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Re: タイトルなし

> 健太さん、こんにちは。フランス遠征は、8月14日~17日までを予定しています。今のところ、パリとシャトーダンくらいしか考えていない。健太さんのルートだと、地中海沿いだから、会うのは難しいかも。
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