Sasayama san, 佐々山さん
Now, I'm in Tirana, the capital of Albania. I normally avoid a big city but in this time stopped here. The reason was to meet Mr. Sasayama. He is my father's age but still on long distance tour. I've met him in Japan and known that he would start cycling from Milano, Italy to Azerbaijan. We exchanged some emails and successfully got bumped in Tirana.


He is going east and I'm going west. We hoped each other for our safety and successfully completed our trip. he left here a day before I leave. Japanese baby boomers are really energetic. I'm very impressed.

I stayed a night extra. I didn't go out except for buying some food. This is my resting day. I was a bit shocked that the life of Tirana was very different from other side of this country. There were many expensive cars and shops. Seems all Albania money are coming into this city. I will be heading to Kosovo.
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