The man cycled 30000km getting into Kosovo, 3万キロの男コソボへ
The highway to Kosovo was very nice highway that reminds me a national highway in China. Its snaking down to Kosovo.

I camped a night at a gas station. They had a restaurant and kindly gave me a free dinner and beers at that night.

A KM before the border, I reached total distance 30000km (about 20000mile).

Getting into Kosovo, コソボへ入国

They didn't give me a stamp for departure, and I got only a stamp for arrival in Kosovo. I'm a bit worry about it. I hope nothing problem is happened when I am going out.

10 KM from border, I arrived to Prizren, an ancient city. They had a nice guesthouse, city hostel. I will stay here for couple of nights to see what's going on in Kosovo.
ここから10キロ走って到着したのはプリズレンという古都。ここにはちゃんとしたCity Hostel という安宿もある。そんなわけで、コソボの空気を知る為にも滞在する事にした。
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