About Kosovo, コソボについて
Kosovo is an independent country. However, half of countries in UN have not recognized Kosovo as an independent country yet. Japan is one of countries that has recognized. This is an Albanian's country, so there were many Albania's flags in this town even though this is Kosovo. Souvenir shops sell Albania's goods as well. People are nothing different from people of Albania. In Kosovo, America, a country helped Kosovo to independent, is super hero; I saw many flags of America in town. I heard that there were even statue of Bill Clinton in the capital.


My image of Kosovo was "WAR". I felt a bit worry about safety. However, after walking around town, I didn't feel any danger at all. There were cafes and many youngsters walked in town.

I talked to the owner of the hostel about the war. He told me that now they were more attention to how this country would be developed as an independent country. I just talked to an individual so it would be more different in different region such as places close to Serbia's border where the war had been more intense.

In Prizren, there were many churches and mosques including Church of the Holy Virgin of Ljeviska, a unesco sight.

This church was closed by fences around. Fortunately, I could go inside with a tour group that I coincidently met. However, Inside was hardly damaged. It was sad. I have seen German soldiers in town some times, and most of churches had been closed. It showed that there were still some tension over the last war.
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