To Montenegro, モンテネグロ入りしました
Since I crossed the border of Kosovo, it's been unpleasant weather. This might be the Europe's rain season. It was raining as well when I passed a pass where Montenegro border was. I felt the humidity was nearly 100%. it didn't matter if I wore rain jacket or not. I was soaked by my sweat. I wished I could cycle without any clothes.


On the way to the border, I saw this signs.

I've never seen a sign for tanks. Of cause there were no tanks running on the road. However, I've seen military jeeps from Italy, Germany and Turkey some times.

To the top of the pass, it was 25km climbing. Kosovo side border check was located about 15km up point. Then from there, I needed to climb up another 10km to the Montenegro side.

The border, そして国境

My concerning, I didnt have a departure stamp of Albania, was not problem at all. I crossed the border as usual, departure stamp of Kosovo and arrival stamp of Montenegro.

For my impression of Montenegro, people are nice and helpful. They looked more relax and gentle. Their youngster was a bit more shy but always gave a smile and said hello to me. At the first night, I camped out at a farm. In that night, neighbor gave me coffee and a lot of food. Now, I started feeling relax. I had been feeling a bit stress in Albania and Kosovo because I felt people were a bit rough. From today, my route became more mountains. It will be fun.
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