Bosna i Hercegovina, ボスニアヘルツェゴビナ
I unexpectedly reached the border of Bosnia after cycling along Tara canyon. What I was confused was that the intersection I came out was located between the custom of both countries. I couldn't believe how it would be possible. It looked no big deal so I could safely go through some processing to get out and in.


The reason I came to Bosnia was to see the situation of this country after wars. Balkan had been having a lot of conflicts until 20 years ago. You will see a lot of evidences of this sad history if you visit.

My first stop was Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. This country has many muslim and Christian both, so you can see monuments of both religion in same area, for example, I saw mosque and churches had been built in same area.

There were many new buildings and fancy shops in Sarajevo. It looked no evidence of the wars at first. However, if you walk and look behind town, there were many evidences; there were still many buildings with a lot of bullets marks.

A lot of graves in center as well. This was in a park of center.

I don't know who buy this souvenir.
土産物でこんな物も・・・ 誰が買うんだか。

I found a lot of negative evidences of the wars at first. However, atmospheres was very peaceful. I saw many kids on their school trip and youngsters walking street and having ice-creams. There were many tourists. The hostel I stayed was pretty full. I found also local people were pretty nice and helpful when I went to a market. The life of here looked hard but people have strongly lived here. I have stayed in Sarajevo for couple of days and now am going to Mostar where the war had been intense.
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