the memories of the war, 紛争の記憶
I met a Turkish cyclist, Kenan on my way to Mostar. It was the first time for me to see a cyclist going same direction since I left Istanbul. Of cause, we cycled together to Mostar. Kenan is a photographer, and he is on his tour around Balkan in this summer.


Bosnia was also very mountainous like Montenegro.

The canyon along the way from Sarajevo to Mostar was really beautiful.

We met locals in a village called Jablanica, and they let us stayed at their home.

We talked till mid night. One of guys, Ahmet talked us about his experiences during the war. He was smiling and laughing at the conversation before, but his mood was changed when he started talking about it. I felt a bit sorry for him to talk. However, I thought it would be polite to listen all, so we listened what he talked.

I cannot explain detail of his experiences. It was very painful to even listen. He lost many relatives. They had been killed for nothing. Just only reason was because they were Bosnian. He said he hated Serbian. His friend who was with us also said he hated Serbian.

It's been 20 years since the war ended. However, I thought people still need more times to recover their emotional scars, like buildings damaged in Sarajevo.

Next day, we arrived Mostar. This town is an old ottoman empire town.

These building once had been destroyed during the war and reconstructed after.

There were even more damaged buildings remained.

We camped in a campground 7km south of Mostar.

The owner of this campground told us that this area was one of the place where the war had been intense. It's because this area was the front line of where Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian army had been faced. His uncle, he was with us, had been shot his stomach and left leg. Now he lost his left leg. I felt from their conversation that they also still hate Serbian and Croatian.

Again, it's been only 20 years after the war. I heard that there were still a lot of conflicts among politics, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian party. Their government system is still under supervised of international organization. I thought again it takes more time to solve problems of after the war.

I wouldn't see the reality of how people now live in Bosnia if I didn't come. It was very variable experience. I won't forget my experience here.
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