A short Adrian Cruise to Bari, プチアドリア海クルーズでバーリへ
There is a ferry running between Dubrovnik and Bari, Italy. Deck, cheapest price was for €59, and they had no charge for bicycle. It leaves at 22:00 and takes 10 hours to get to Italy.


Time schedule for this year, 今年のタイムスケジュール

I lined up on the line for vehicle, and got on board 20:30,

My bike was tied by a rope like this.

Deck class was not like a ferry in Japan. There were no sleeping space. People need to sleep on the floor where people pass by all the time. I didn't want to sleep such place so slept on the deck outside. It's chilly in the night, so only I was sleeping outside. I had a sleeping bag and mattress so didn't have any trouble for cold breeze.

In the morning, just right after I woke up.

So blue. Italian peninsula has been appeared.

I just stayed the deck until arrival. Some people came up on the deck to get a flesh air. Those are mostly couple. I was jealous. Seemed I was a only person who traveled in wild. Anyway, the ferry arrived Bari on time.

Easy arrival process as before.

I need a map of Italy first of all. I still prefer the map rather than GPS. I use GPS function of iPhone sometime but still use map more because its just fun to look at

I looked around this town and tried to find a decent map in same time. I found this town, Bari, had a quite beautiful old center.

There were many alleys and old western looking apartments along those small streets. As I went on these, I smelled washed cloth hung out on balconies. I saw some small shops, bakery, butcher etc.., People were chatting something and laughing. It looked very peaceful. I felt Italians were more relaxed and easy going. Since Croatian in Dubrovnik were a bit unfriendly and unhelpful for me, I felt I would be able to enjoy my time in southern Italy more.
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