Pretty towns in Puglia, プーリアの美しい町の数々
After Bari, Puglia province, I headed south. The major industory of this region is fishing and agriculture, so I saw people sold fish and vegetables.

Italian in southern Italy was very nice as I said before. People gave me water, and some time people gave me free vegetables at shops.

As I cycled south, houses with strange shape roof have been appeared. It is called Trulli. People still live in this house. I felt I was a traveler in "Dragon Quest" and visiting a village in different world.

In Alberobello, there were an area where many of Trulli were. This area is a unesco sight.

There were even Trulli church. I am for sure girls like this place.

It was really fun to cycle this region because there were many Trulli all over.

After visiting Alberobello, my next stop was Martina Franca. This town was also really really cool place to look at. They had an old center that was still center of this town. Many small street and white color buildings were appearing so beautifully. This was exactly fit on my image of southern Italy.

Nice contrast with white buildings and blue sky.

I like southern Italy a lot.
ん~ 南イタリアすごくいぃっすな。
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