Cycled Basilicata, バジリカータを走る
Now in Basilicata province. Compare to Puglia, this province doesn't have many interests. Matera was only place I was interested in. However, I missed it because I went a wrong way and gave up to visit. Then, I simply cycled along the coast.


There were many らかはquiet beaches, and water was so clear.

Agriculture is main industry here. Cycled along the fields of orengs, lemons and grapes.

In southern Italy, they do siesta; people take a break during the day. When you come into a town or village afternoon, they look like a ghost town. You cannot find food and even coca-cola.

They open up around 5pm. In Italy, there were always shops selling hams and cheese, even small village. They have many kinds, and those cheese are very tasty.

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