Sicily, しちりあ
I have stayed at Mr. Salvatore's home for 3 days and headed off. This area, around Tropea was quite nice place to relax. It's a bit difficult to access without car or bicycle, but if you do, I recommend.

Have repaired his bicycles during my stay.

Now, I'm getting into Sicily. There are couple of cities where ferries leave to Sicilia; Villa S. Giov and Reggio DI Calabria. I went on Villa S. Giov, and It took 30 min to cross.
そして今日からシシリア島に入る。イタリア本島とシチリア島はフェリーで30分、Villa S. GiovとReggio DI Calabriaという町の2ヶ所から出ている。自分が使ったのは前者。

The ferry runs every 20min, so I didn't need to wait at all. It costs only €3, and bicycle was for free.

Welcome to Sicily.
というわけでWelcome to シチリア

My first stop was Taormina. It was a really touristic resort where many white rich people were walking, so I didn't like at all.. I don't know why I stopped here. However, the beach was very nice.

This face with three foots is the character of sicily. I don't know the name of it.

There were some fish markets on my way and I saw a big tuna. It cost €10 per kg..

As I mentioned before, in southern Italy, they have long afternoon off, Siesta. Since then, people go for buying things before noon.

Could see Mt. Etna from this town. As a person from volcanic island, Japan, it's not really interesting for me. If they have hot springs, it would be very nice to visit. Seems no hot springs here...
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