Some about Sicily, シチリアのいろいろ
Campgrounds cost a lot, and it's not good service. I hope it's only in Sicily.

I camped in Taormina, and it costed me €12 without free Wifi.

Came to Catania.

I was camping that costed me €17!! in same condition. They told me €24 at first, and I asked discount. Bush camping is much easy for me, but I want to look around this city so no choice. They have hostels but I don't like to stay in high season clouded hostel.

Catania is second biggest city in Sicily. They have a center built in all baroque style. I stayed here for couple of days to see those.

The reason they build all buildings in baroque style is that an earthquake once destroyed badly this city in 16th. Then, this city had been reconstructed with all baroque style that was main stream in that time.

The streets here are very simple; north to south and east to west. On along these streets, those baroque buildings had been built.

This town is really beautiful but sadly a lot of scribblings.

In Sicily, they have many people from Africa.

I heard that the population of african had been started growing since 15 years ago. When you cycle to outside of city, you will see a lot of prostitutes from Nigeria. Many of people among people selling stuff on streets are African.

From here, Africa is very close. There is a ferry running from this island to Tunis, Tunisia.

I left Catania and came to inland. There were some small baroque style towns inside of Sisilia. I wanted to visit them. In this time, I visited Militello in Val Di Catania and Palazzolo Acreide.
カターニアを後にして内陸に入って来た。内陸にもいくつかバロック様式で再建築された町がいくつか残っていて、一つはMilitello in Val Di Catania と、もう一つがPalazzolo Acreide、まだこれ以外もあるが、それは後日残しておいて、まずはこの2ヶ所を周る。

Sicily is also mountainous island where many gumtree and cactus grow. The winds bring the smell of gumtrees. It remembers me cycling Australia.

Went up hill and reached to Militello in Val Di Catania. It was nice small town.
山をエンヤコラと登ってまずはMilitello in Val Di Catania。こじんまりしていて良い雰囲気。

Upping again and reached to Palazzolo Acreide. This town was also nice small town as well.
さらに登ってPalazzolo Acreide。こちらもこじんまりとして良い雰囲気。

Both of towns didn't look like towns where many tourists go. Old men were chatting at a cafe, and they were very peaceful mood. Seemed there were not many bicycles with a lot of luggages, so they were so curious on me. They said "Where are you from" in Italian with hand gesture, I guessed. Then I said "Japoneze". They alway said "Blabo Blabo".
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