The day highlighted, 盛り上がった日
Camping in olive tree frost is very pleasant. They always have no much grass under and pretty flat. The farmers always cleared the ground of forests for preparing for harvest. It makes enough shade, so it's like natural camping ground.


I passed many such olive forests and visited a baroque town again.

Modica, a small town 70km south from Siracusa was really beautiful.

A valley was almost completely covered by Brownish buildings.

As I walked into small streets, I felt people's life here. I felt to be brought back to mid ages.

People make own tomato sauce on the roof top.屋根の上でトマトソースを作っている家もいくつかあった

The old center of this town was still center. The local's life and old atmosphere had been nicely mixed. I couldn't believe such an amazing town was not on Japanese guide book.

At 15km from Modica, the town, Ragusa had really nice old center as well. They had also many old buildings on a hill. A church with blue top was nice accent.

Ragusa had a new center so the old center was separated from it. The old center was more like for tourists but was still fascinating to me.
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