Valley of temples, 神殿の谷
West Sicily was more remote and agriculture lands. I sometime saw a lot of sheep crossing a free way and people riding a donkey.


So far, I've never had problem for getting drinking water. However, since I came west side, the tap water became undrinkable. People use mineral water at cafes and restaurants. Looks I need to change my way to manage water. Now, I need to buy bottles of water at a super market. It normally costs 20 cents so is not big deal. However, I feel a bid bad for making prastic bottle rubbish every day because in southern Italy, they through everything away without recycling.

Anyway, I reached to the Agregento, a ancient Greek town where many temples were. This place is considered as the must visit town in Sicilia.

As I reached to this town, a temple on a hill front of town has been appeared. It was amazing view.

In this hill, there were some temples, so this hill was called valley of temples. It costs €10 to enter. they allowed me to bring my bicycle so could walk with it.

Olive trees were growing from the biggest temple collapsed.

A stone statue used to stand on out side of the biggest temple. It was holding the roof.

I'm not a big fan of archeology. However, the valley of temples amazed me. Ive never seen such old temples, 400-500BC, still in shaped; really old temples had been always completely crasped.
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