To Palermo, パレルモいり
There were no place where I had planed to stop between Agrigento and Palermo, so I kept cycling without sightseeing. There were a lot of vineyards all over on my way.

In Italy, wine is very popular alcohol, so you can find a bottle for €1.5. A 330ml can of coca-cola is about €1, so the wine is really cheap. However,I heard that the wine from this region,West of Sicily was expensive.

In Sicilia, they have cycling routes planed like following photo. If you just follow this route, you don't need to cycle on busy roads.

They were not quite well developed, so the signs were not always at intersections. This is Italia. I'm getting used to it.

You see more influence of Arab in west side of Sicilia.

This photo was taken at Mazara del Vallo. It wasArab style building. As I cycled through a town, I saw people wearing typical Islam hats.
これは途中で通ったMazara del Valloの町にあったイスラムっぽい建物。町を通るとムルリム帽子をかぶった褐色の肌をした人達を良く見かけた。

From Trapani and Palermo, there are a ferry to Tunis, Tunisia, for once a week. It takes only 11hours to Africa.

より大きな地図で Cycling Southern Italy を表示
Now, finally I arrived to Palermo where my last destination in Sicilia. I am not staying in the city center and decided to pitch my tent on a camp ground 15km away from the center.

There were so many kids looks in summer camp and families in this camp ground, so it was extremely busy some times. However, it costs only €8.5 with free WiFi so I should not complain. I stay here a little while until the ferry leaves.
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