The plan after Palermo, パレルモからの予定
I've decided to take a ferry to Sardegna. In Palermo, I need to buy a ticket for the ferry.

Tirrenia Ferry goes to Sardegna once a week. It leaves on Saturday night and costs €36 for cheapest price, Deck, €10 for bicycle and €12 for tax. Its total cost is about €58. There were also another ferry goes to Sardegna. It leaves from Trapani for every Sunday nights.
船会社はTirrenia Ferry。週1便のみで出港は土曜日の夜。一番安いデッキ料金で€36、自転車€10、税€12で計€58。この船以外もサルデーニャへ行くにはトラッパニから毎週日曜日夜に定期船が出ているようだ。

Now I have three days off in Palermo.

Sightseeing, パレルモ観光

I am getting tired of visiting churches...そろそろ教会は飽きてきたな~

A church influenced by Arab.

The theater on the movie God Father. Massimo theater.

It's always fun to visit a market. They looked competing which shop keeper has loudest voice in this market. It was very fun to walk around.

A Tomato Truck. In this time of year, it looks a lot of tomatoes here. I saw a lot of truck carrying tomatoes like this.

To be honest, I didn't like Palermo. Many cars and motor bike run on streets, and they honk crazy. I almost also became crazy by this noise. Italian use too much honk, and their driving manner is really bad.

It's enough for me to stay in that stupid Palermo center by before noon. Then it was the time for swimming.

This is the swimming point nearby my camp ground. It's very nice to swim. However, to be honest, I wanted to have someone coming with....

A guy selling corms, 癒しのトウモロコシ売りのおっちゃん
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