Ferry again and to Sardegna, フェリー再びサルデーニャへ
Sardegna was actually not on my original plan. There was no special reason to change. I just like visiting islands. As I used to live in small japanese island, Okinawa, I like islands because there were normally unique culture and special atmosphere. I assumed there would be some differences in Sardegna from main land of Italy or even Sicily.


The ferry was scheduled to leave 19:30, so I went to the port on 18:00. There were already many passengers and cars lined up at the port, and they were waiting for on bord.

In this time also, the ferry was really big like one I took from Dubrovnik. It has a lot of space for the cars.

After while, they started moving. It looked time on bored. I was lucky not to wait long time.

The ferry runs only once a week, so this ferry was clouded. Seemed most of people were tourists. This is middle of summer holiday season. The ferry left on time. Bye bye Sicily.

I slept on the deck in this time also. The sound of ship crushing waves was like nice music for me to sleep.

In the next morning, the ferry arrived to Cagliari, a capital of Sardegna. It was early Sunday morning, 7:30, so the center was really quiet.
そして翌朝7:30、サルデーニャに到着した。着いたのはサルデーニャ最大の街 カグリアリ。日曜日の早朝ということもあって街中は静まり返っていた。

To be continue 続く
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