The difference of Sardegna, サルデーニャの違い
I decided to cycle inland because I had cycled mostly along the coast in Sicilia. This photo is the flag of Sardegna.

I saw trucks like this photo at the port. Looks Sardegna has plenty of trees.

I wondered How much those could be after transporting by the ferry.

As I guessed, there were a lot of trees on the mountains in this island.

The Olive trees were not growing here. There were a lot of cork trees instead.

I met men harvesting cork barks on my way. A guy invited me to watch how they harvested.

It was first time for me to see this. A bark was peeled off like peeling off the skin.
へ~ こんなふうにコルクを取るんっすね。うまい事ベロっと剥がれるものです。

They were very friendly.

The man tried to give me a big peace of bark, but I politely rejected because I had my bicycle.

People wave their hands when they passed by by their cars. At a village, some said Ciao when I went through streets. Seemed people were very welcoming strangers like me.

The thing i wanted to highlight was they have much less rubbish and stupid scrawls from southern Italy. I found this differences immediately after I started cycling. I wandered what made such differences, people, government or even might be the mafia.
それに特筆すべき点。ゴミや落書きが本当に少ない!! これは走り出してすぐに気付いた。何が違うのだろうか。人なのか行政なのか、それともマフィアか。シチリア含イタリア南部で良くあった景色や気分を台無しにする忌々しいゴミの山や落書き。この違いはかなりデカイ! 町を通る時も気持ちが良い。

They have much less cars, and I can drink good water from mountains. Seems this island is very suitable for cycling.
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