Island for Nuraghe, ヌラーゲの島
Inland of Sardegna, I saw many of this.

This is called nuraghe. People were used to use this as a house and fortress for long long time ago. I heard that 7000 of them remained in this island.

I have seen other unique things of this island.

This,, まずこれ。

This is un-fermented bread. It can be found at any supermarket easily. It's heavy so stays in my stomach long time. However, the taste was no so good.

I saw some old women wore blackish cloth in villages. It was also unique culture of this island. I heard that they were not widows. Men were tend to be short and muscular. They looked like me.

It was very hard to cycle inland of mountains. I sweated a lot every day. However, the cold water spring always helped me. The best water ever!!

The mountains of north was used to be called maquis. It was the place where punished people had been sent.

Cycling Maquis.

It was about 450km to the north end. This is the end point of this island. Now, I will take a ferry again to Corsica.
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