Corsica, コルシカ島
From S. Teresa, a town in north end of Sardegna, Moby lines runs a ferry 4 times a day to Bonifacio, a town in south end of Corsica.

サルデーニャの北端にあるS. TeresaからMoby Linesが毎日4便 コルシカ島の最南端の町Bonifacioにフェリーを出している。

The price was €25 included bicycle. It took only 40min so I thought it was expensive. I think its because this is ferry for tourists.

Corsica, コルシカ島入りです。

this island is very close to Italy but belongs to France. People said "Bonjour" at a super market. It remembered me I was in France. The town I first arrive, Bonifacio looked a place where very rich people own houses. There were many big cruisers and yachts.

This island is also rocky mountainous island like Sardegna. However, the difference was they didn't have much farms and agriculture lands. This island was more densely forested. Most of part was national parks.

Mountains and forest. A lot of up down. 山と森。坂は凄まじいです。

Villages in mountains.

There were many of this in the mountains.

Bigs were everywhere in the mountains. They looked wild. I couldn't stop imaging of bacon every time I saw them.

Then I bought Corsica pig bacon. It cost €16/kg so was not cheap. However, the taste was amazing.

At the pass, 1400m on my way. 道中の1400m峠にて

Pigs in sunset, 夕日に染まる紅の豚
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