1 year reunion, 大男と1年振りの再開
I stayed 4 nights and left Milano. From 50km north, there was also friends in the town near to Como. I had planed to stay his home.

Lorenzo is the big guy about 2m tall, so I look very very small if I stand next to him.

I met Lorenzo and two of other guys, Stefan and Emily in this photo in Tajikistan last summer.

They were all older than I was but so enojedic. We hungged out every day till mid night. Fun to be with cyclists.

During my stay in Lorenzo's home, I cycled area of where lake Como was. Seemed this area was where many rich people live. I saw couple of Ferraris in few hours after started cycling, and porsche is running like normal cars in this area. There were different world.

I have stayed his home for 3 nights. Good to be keeping in touch with good friends. Now, going to SwissLand.
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