Alps the first pass, アルプス峠越え1本目
From Lorenzo's home, it took me half day to a Swiss land border, Pino.

The towns of Swiss land is always clean and well organized. I don't even see garbage and scribbling along a street.

Swiss like to decorate their house with flowers. I saw many pretty houses with nice grassland around.

There were no many fences in this country. As you go country roads, you can really enjoy cycling grassland.

The cost of live here that I was worry about was not very expensive. I felt the cost of live in Japan was more expensive. I think this country is goodly barnacled.

For cycling also, this country is well organized.

You just need follow this sign if you want to avoid traffic. This sign is everywhere and it's easy to find. You can travel all over this country without cycling busy roads. They have also sign for mountain bikes and walking tracks. I will say Swiss land is very outdoor friendly country. You can see more detail on this link:

The day 2, I passed the first pass of Alps.

From 500m up to 2065m elevation, Passo S.Bernardino.
標高500mくらいの地点から峠 Passo S.Bernardino 2065mへ這い上がる。

It was really hard work for me because I had been taking resting for quite awhile.

From that day, I started crossing many passes of Alps.
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