Challenge to the north cliff of Eiger, アイガー北壁を攻略せよ
The day 4, will challenge northern cliff of Eiger.


I didn't feel much tired after sleeping 10 hours. Also the word "Northen Cliff of Eiger" had became a trigger for my adrenaline.

Yesterday, I met Swiss cyclists. They told me that it would be impossible to go up the hill with this bicycle, but I thought it would be feeling very successful after accomplished this pass. Then I strongly swear to get this done.

I got into the road going up to the pass after coming down from Grimselpass.

Grimselpass から山を下り途中の分岐からアイガーへと続くルートに突入。

This road was steep enough even at the beginning. I cycled zigzag on 3m wide road. I was looked very strange because no one going up with full-loaded bicycle.

The sight gets open as I went higher up. Then a big cliff has been appeared. It was not Eiger by the way.

There were a glacier stuck on the top.

I cycled along this cliff till the top. Since this road was closed for cars last 5km, there were not much traffic.

It was very steep last 5km. However, I was like runner's high at that moment. I could manage to get to the top.

After climbing 15km, I reached to the pass. Then saw.......

Eiger, this mountain was so beautiful.

Also there were Jungfrau behind. I saw 2 big mountains from same place.

As I cycled into the crowd of hikers on the pass, I felt I was a champion stepping on the first place.
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