Got The New Tent, テントげっつ
After seeing the Eiger from the pass, Grosse Scheidegg, 1962m, cycled down on the very steep road.

アイガー北壁の峠 Grosse Scheidegg 1962m から急坂を下る。

The first town I came into was full of Japanese tourists. I was very surprised because I didn't research anything about towns on my way. This town was Grindelwald. It was actually world famous town where people take very expensive mountain train. I heard that there were over 1 million tourists visiting this town every year. There were Japanese words and signs everywhere in this town, even I saw the tourist center for only Japanese.
と、突然観光客がわんさかいる町に進入。しかも日本人だらけ。下調べを全くしていなかったのでビックリ。ここはGrindelwald といって世界的に有名な登山鉄道がある町。そして年間100万人以上の観光客が来るスイス屈指の観光町だそうだ。町には日本語の看板や日本人用の観光案内所、モンベルまである。ここからは超有名で超高額な登山鉄道があってユングフラウの近くまで行ける。

I was supposed to go through Grindelwald. However, unexpectedly I saw many outdoor shops along the main street. I was actually looking for a new tent for long time. I left my bike in safe place and started searching the tent. Then I found this tent.

It is Italian tent and looked very similar to my old tent. The price was quite reasonable. Only difference was that this was for three season. This will be my new partner for next 8 month till my last destination. Hope works out okay.

Now, I got two tents. All my bags got full, no space. Swiss land will be expensive place to send, so I need to carry till France.
ん~ これでテント2つ。荷物がパンパンだ。スイスで荷物を日本に送り返したら高そうだし、フランスまで頑張ります。

From this point, I was getting away from Alps.
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