Swiss Hospitality, スイス人の優しさに触れた日
The last pass of Alps, Jaun pass 1503m
アルプス最後の峠 Jaun pass 1503m を越える。

The people I met in Bulle after coming down from the pass.

I met a man infront of a bakarry and had some conversation. He asked me if I needed something for my bike. Actually I was looking for a miller for my sun glasses that I lost in Parelmo. Then he took me a bike shop.

The owner of bike shop came to us and found exactly the same miller I had. I was going to pay. It was about $30, I thought a bit expensive. But he didn't take my money. He said he gave it to me. Farthermore, he went to a storeroom and brought a mesh inner hat.
The man who took me the shop also tried to help and kept asking me what I need and want. I was very pleased their kindness.
この旦那の自転車に偶然にも全く同じミラーが置いてあった。即決購入しようと思ったがこの旦那金を受け取ろうとしない。30CHF 約3500円もするミラーをタダでくれるというではないか。さらには倉庫からガサガサ探し出して来てくれたヘルメットの下に被るインナーもくれるという。何とお礼を言って良いかわからない。この兄さんは兄さんで「君のフロントバッグはかなり痛んでいるから僕のをあげるよ」と言ってくれるではないか。その心遣いに感謝。

It started raining from that day, but I was feeling very happy and going to next destination, Geneva.
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