Friends in Switzerland, スイスの友人と再開
I have more friends in Europe. My Swiss friends live in Nyon, 30km east of Geneva. They are also cyclists I met last summer in central asia.

In the day of that it had started raining, I arrived to Nyon. They came to the visitor center to pick me up and were still very nice couple.
アルプスが別れを惜しんでいるかのように雨が降りしきる日 Nyonに到着した。町のビジターセンターに迎えに来てくれた2人は相変わらずナイスカップルだった。

Adam and Jully, they had crossed their finish line of their journey last winter and now live in Nyon, near where their parents live. They needed to leave Nyon from tomorrow, so we had only a day and half to hang out. I should have came at lease some days before but I took much time to cross alps. However, we had at least a day with very nice reunion.


In the next morning, Jully left. Then Adam left afternoon. However, Jully's mom letted me stayed her home next day, so I could take a day off. She treated me with cold beers and nice wine during the day. Also, in the evening, she took me a restaurant to let me try Swiss Cheese fondu. It was very nice. Thank you all for everything!!!

より大きな地図で Cycling Alps を表示

I had very nice people during my stay in Switzerland. Now going to France.
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