Reunion again in France, 地下足袋サイクリスト
I cycled along Rhone river after crossing a border and went south. There were no mountains but only hills and no feeling of Alps anymore. The roads became without bike passes in many parts, so I need now more carefully to choose my route.


On my way, I stopped by Vienne. I pitched my tent at a camp ground, left my luggages and took a train to Lyon with my bicycle.

Old center of Lyon was like Dubrovnik, orange top buildings. I was also looking forward to visiting some nice bike shops I found online. However, all shops I went had been closed. This is France. People take a long holiday during summer, especially August. There were many shops closed for same reason in Lyon, so new center, no many tourists, had been very quiet.

In Montelimar, 120km south of Vienne, I had another person to see. Kazu is like my older brother. He took care of me since we first met couple years before..
Vienne からさらに120km南下し、Montelimarでも再会を予定している人がいた。地下足袋サイクリストの和さん。出発前に始めてお会いしてから面倒みてもらっていた兄貴分。

He had a summer holiday and took short trip to France. He saved some times to see me during his trip and came see me from Paris by TGV. As I said, he was like my older brother. He took all bills while I was with, so I didn't need to pay any expense.

Kazu works at Rice wine maker, Sake. He brought a lots of Sake bottles from Japan. I had quite a lot with him. This Sake, Omoiyari, is supposed to be the best seller in Hokkaido as he said.

Famous candy made in Montimar. Montelimar で有名なお菓子

That day, we talked about after my journey till mid night. We were supposed to spread tomorrow; he was going to north and I was going to south. However, I changed my plan when he asked me "Do you want to come?". I was so lucky to go for free!!! For tomorrow, we are going to Beaune, a world famous town for wine.
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