the world famous wine place Beaune, 世界のボーヌ

I left my bicycle at the hotel in Montelimar, and we took a train to Beaune, a town in Burgoyne region. In this region, the very high quality and expensive grapes for wine have been grown. There was the road where many famous vin yards located along. This road was supposed to be the world famous wine road.
Kazu san really likes wine, and I'm interested in wine making after working at the winery in Australia. That was the reason he took me to Beaune. By the way, we are NOT GAY. I hope no one think that way...

和さんと共に向かったブルゴーニュ地方の Beaune ボーヌ。この一帯はフランスを代表するワインが生産されている。ここには特級道路なるものもあってこの道路に沿って超高級ワインに使われる葡萄が育てられている。和さんは大のワイン好き。自分もオーストラリアでワイン生産を手伝ったのがきっかけでワインには興味がある。

Looking around Beaune. The monastery where people used as hospital as well was the main tourist interest. The color of the roof was pretty.

I liked also houses in the village. Many houses with same triangle shape roof made such a unique view.

We took a tour to visit some famous vin yeards. Actually, they all look same if no one tell you.

This vin yeard is Romanel Conti. They produce only 5000 bottles a year. It's very difficult to see a bottle. If you want to buy, it costs €6000, about $8000. Normal wine at a shop in France cost €4 - €6.
これがあのロマネコンティが生産される畑。ロマネ伯爵の畑です。年に5000本しか生産されない幻のワイン。1本80万円~ 。ちなみにフランスで一般的に売られているのは€4~€6。

I don't understand why people want to buy this. As my opinion, wine should be more casual, being able to drink every meal. The price is not made by taste but only bland.

At the end of tour, we went to wine tasting. Good wine but I didn't buy of cause.

Kazu san and I hanged out for two whole days. If he didn't come, I had never thought to come here. I was very pleased what he did to me. Now, we are going different direction. He is going to Paris, and I'm going back to Montelimar. I always felt lonely after having fun with friends.
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