One month left, あと1ヶ月
I took off right away after coming back from Beaune. It's because I have only one month left in western Europe. The Chengen agreement makes a big headache. I need to get out of western Europe by 15th of Sep. Basically I can stay only 3 month in Europe except some countries in eastern Europe such as Balcan countries where I have been few month ago. If you wish to know more about Schengen, here is the URL:


Anyways, after Montelimar, I kept going down along Rhone river. In a day after, I stopped by Pont du Gard, a old bridge for water passage during Roman empire.
さて、ローヌ川に沿ってしばらく南下して最初の見所ポン・デュ・ガルド, Pont du Gard。これはローマ時代の水道橋。

It was a quite big bridge and impressing how ancient people built this.

Passing through forests, agricultural lands and towns a day after day. It was easy to find a camp spot along but a bit boring compare to cycling Italy or Switzerland.

A cyclist i met on my way suggested me not to go along southern coast line because there would be more resorts and touristy.
I also wanted to have more excitements so got into inland.

50km north of Montpellier, Gorges de la Vis.
モンペリエの北約50kmくらいにあるGorges de la Vis.

From Bedarieux to Mazamet, there were a bike pass for 80km built on old rail road.
途中、Bedarieuxという町からMazametという町まで80km 古い線路を使ったバイクパスを通る

Carcassonne. Pyrenees is not far from this town.

On the way down from the east side of mountain in Carcassonne, I could see the Castle in Carcassonne center.

The castle was beautiful when I saw from outside. However, the inside of castle was horribly touristy.

I was very frustrated by such a touristic castle and came out in one hour.

It seemed there were Japanese tourists. I found some Japanese words. It was funny. Why they use the flag of japanese navy during world war.

Knight souvenir, 騎士グッズのお土産が沢山

So far, I cycled 90km to 100km average for a day. It was not my preferred distance; 80km is good distance for me, so I was a bit tired now. Unfortunately I still need to keep going even though there is Pyrenees waiting for me.
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