My mate Jordi, ジョルディ
I headed to Barcelona, the second biggest city in Spain. I crossed the border of Andorra and Spain after few KM from La Vella.


Andorra was really small country. If I wanted, I could have crossed this country in couple hours.

It was pretty nice scenery on the way to Barcelona.

Before getting Barcelona, I visited my friend again.

Jordi is a Catalan. I met him when I worked at the winery in Australia. He is a professional win maker and has many experiences for vintages. He is going to Germany in this year. At first day, we cerebrated with Sake Kazu san gave me and Wine from Spain.

The village where he lives, ジョルディの住む村

The village is about 50km away from Barcelona. There were many beautiful red rock mountains around.

He took me a hike to the mountains around his village. It was not good weather but nice hike.

He treated me with some wines he made. Those were very good. Thank you Jordi. It has been only 5 month since I left Australia. I already feel it was long time ago. I wonder how other mates do now.
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