Barcelona, バルセロナ
After crossing a mountain in west side of Barcelona. I could see the Sagrada Familia in the center.

In this city, I try to be a normal tourist and planed to see arts as much as I can.

Sagrada Familia. サグラダファミリア!!

This building was huge. It looked funny that all people had looked up at the top. I was like that as well.

Sagrada Familia was huge enough but growing bigger. I had learned before that it would take 300 years to complete this project. However, since the advanced construction engineering and more budgets from tourism, this project expects to be finished by 2026. This photo below is the completed Sagrada Familia.

I hope I can come back after. I would be 45.

Park Guel. Gaudy designed.

This park was very quiet in early in the morning. Tailing benches had been shined by morning sun.

Other Gaudy designed buildings.
Casa Milla

Casa Batllo

I wanted to see inside of this, but the price of entree was extremely expensive. It's twice as much as entrance fee of Sagrada Familia. I gave up.

Casa Vicens

Casa Calvet

I visited art museum of Joan Milo and Picasso. As long as i remembered, It was my first visiting of art museum in this journey. It's good sometime to see the beauty of what human made.

A Market, 市場。

A market in the old center was packed by tourists. I left in few minute.

Catedral, カテドラル

Sant Pau, サン・パオ病院

I couldn't see inside due to the constructions.

Other scenery of Barcelona.

I was pleased that I had my bike to see around this big town. It would be very tiring without it. If I didn't have, I would use tourist buses that costs €24 for a day and 31 for two days.

I completed what I wanted to see in Barcelona. Now it's time to move on. I have only 17 days left...
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