keep cycling for days on end, ひたすら走る日々始まる
Got started non stop going days of cycling. As I was getting closer to Valencia, many orange farms had been appeared. There were somehow a lots of snails in orange trees, so my morning always started with picking up snails from my tents.


Also, some cactuses and olive trees grew as the climate gets warmer.

From Barcelona to Gibraltar, it's about 1200km. My limit of stay is 15th so I planed to get out at least by 14th; also planed to stay Granada at least few days for sightseeing. I would have to cycle 100km average for a day.

KM 350, Valencia, I didn't stay but stopped by old center shortly.

In Valencia, I had the world popular food, Paella.Paella is originally from Valencia.

I went to a small local restaurant and ordered it. It came with Stake plate, Coca Cola and Caffe after. It costed me only €8. I was very happy with that.

Oh, by the way, I got this in Barcelona.

I should keep my eyes on Spain but my mind is already Africa. I felt Ive lost some sense of surviving in remote area, so I must remember before going.
"The First Time Africa" これを毎日読みふけっている。

Still keep on going 100km a day for the average every day. I had planed to find a camping ground after Valencia. Since There were plenty of campgrounds on my way so far, I didn't research about it in advance. It was wrong. I couldn't find any camping after Valencia. Seemed no one coming inland, where there were nothing for camping. Therefore, I kept pushing myself to keep on going....
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