Almost, もう少し
The day 5, from Barcelona, I was in Murcia province. There were more up and down since my route was slightly inland from here. The orange trees that I had been seeing in Valencia province have been gone, and there were more vin yards on my way instead.


Some vin yards have started harvesting.

It seemed olive has been grown bigger and bigger.

Northern part of Mursia province was pretty. I liked the contrast of white clouds and the blue sky.

My lunch break. Still 30℃ during the day time but the shade is very flesh.

My favorite time for there days was drinking a can of beer after cycling. It's very nice to have a cold beer after cycling 100km for all day under the strong sun of southern Spain. I always buy a beer at the petrol station right before lapping up the day. Its because normally supermarket doesn't have cold beer in Spain.

Days 7, I entered Andalusia province.

The road goes miles and miles.

In southern spain especially Andalusia, there were many white color houses. It was very nice to go through some small villages in a mountain with white color houses.

I cycled through unique shaped rocky place on my way to Baza. This place would be very alike to Cappadocia if there was balloons flying on the sky.

I found a fountain that I haven seen for long time in a small white village.

On my way to Granada from Bazr, I got stopped by a police car. They told me that I was on the highway for only cars. However, there were no road that cyclists can go, so I made a big detour and took some part of maintenance road for highway to make through this part. Eventually, I managed to pass this part but had a long detour.

I am almost Granada.
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