Granada, グラナダ
Finally, I got into Granada, the capital of Granada province in Andalusia. It took 950km for 10days. I didn't cycle much a day before because of the raining, so it was about 100km average in 9 days.


My plan here is to get refresh by looking around town and talking to people. It's already September. The town was not clouded by tourists, and the hostel I checked in was not full.

Alhambra, アルハンブラ宮殿

Alhambra, located in center is very chunky looking from outside but once getting inside, you will see many decorations and fin arts inside. Especially, Nasrid palaces had a lot of detailed work.

There are many water running in the palaces and some arts created for image of water. Those showed how much Arab who had been from desert loved water.

The view of the Granada from Alhambra. Many white houses.

The best thing I had in Granada was Flamenco. I was so impressed.

The heat from audience and performers got mixed up and made a really exiting atmosphere.

I heard that flamenco was different in different region. In Madrid, there are more top artists working. However, actually, flamenco is originally from Andalusia. The flamenco I saw was exactly my image of south Spain.

The time has been flown very quickly. My last night was really exciting. There are more places I want to visit, but I don't have time this time... Gibraltar is only 250km away...
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