Gibraltar in Gibraltar channel, ジブラルタル海峡のジブラルタル
There were so many ugly resorts and holiday houses along my way to Gibraltar. I didn't have any moments that this cost line was beautiful. It was totally packed by resort buildings, and beaches were not so beautiful. The choice of the roads was also very limited for bicycle, so I cycled on very busy roads for almost all the way. I won't come back to this southern coast again for sure. Don't expect beautifulness in southern cost of Spain. There were a lots of better beaches in Europe.


I was really carefully cycling on my way to avoid any accidents. It would be so stupid if I get any such a ending point. Yes, I'm almost the end of Europe.
Before getting Algeciras, where a ferry to morocco runs and also my ending point, I stopped by this place.

Gibraltar is the name of town in Gibraltar channel. They also have a ferry to morocco but only twice a week. Algeciras has more options, so staying here for the ferry transit is not practical.

Gibraltar belongs to England. That's the reason I stopped here. I just wanted to see some of English things. As I went through the emigration, there was England.

There were English words everywhere of cause, english post and public phone boxes as well.

In a cafe, people ordered English breakfast, and a person in the cafe said "Hello, how are you" to a customer. It was impressing me how things have been changed after crossing the border.
カフェではイングリッシュブレックファーストを注文できて、店員はハロー ハウアーユー と声を掛けていた。プチイギリス体験。こんな小さな国境も越えると言葉や物が変わってしまうんですね。

I remembered now I had seen many English people shopping supermarkets along my way, and they seemed living there. Also had been seeing strange number plate "GBZ". I had been wondering. It's easy for British to live in this region, and GBZ stands for Great Britain Zibraltar.
そうそう、だからこの辺りはイギリス人が沢山住んでいたんですね。走ってる車やバイクもGBZ グレート ブリテン ジブラルタル のナンバーが良く走っていたし、スーパーでもやたらとイギリス人がいました。この辺りはイギリス人にとって住み易いんでしょう。

Okay, I'm about only 20km to the end of Europe.
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