First pedaling in Africa, アフリカ大陸第1走
Off to The continent of Africa. I left the hotel with a ferry ticket that I had bought yesterday.


Moroccans who live in Europe caring a lots of luggages on their cars had waited for a ferry.

In around the port of Algeciras, there were many tickets agents, so it was easy to buy a ticket. The price of a ticket in those agents were almost all about the same. From Algeciras, they have mainly two destinations; one goes Tanje, morocco. another goes Seuta, a little part of Spain in Africa. The price of the one for Tanje was €52, and one for Seuta was 36. My route was to Seuta. I chose this way because its easier to get to Tetouan; from Tanje to Tetouan, there seemed a mountain pass and longer.

They have many ferries a day. I picked a one for 9am.

The gate of Africa opening the mouse. As soon as the ferry left the port, the mountain of morocco has been appeared. Africa was really close.

1.5hour after, the ferry arrived to Seuta. Into The continent of Africa.

The first pedaling in Africa.

As I wrote at the beginning, Seuta is a part of Spain. It's like a remaining of the history of colonizing and world war. Since that, the inside of Seuta was still Europe; some supermarkets and churches.

In Seuta, I did nothing and just went straight to the border of Morocco. It was only 5km from center.

When I reached to the border check, I expected passport check. However, they just saw my passport and letted me through without any checking as normally I was done in other border so far. If I knew that, I could have gone over 90days witch was my stay limit in western Europe. It might be right or a just coincident. Anyway, now I'm out of Schengen stress.

As I passed through immigration of morocco easily, I am now in Morocco.

In morocco side, there were a lots of old Mercedes taxes waiting some passengers. Looked people who don't have bicycle needed to take one of these.

On the way, I had a lunch in a small village. It was beans soup with very sweet mint tea. Cost 20DH, about $2.5. The price of things dropped a lot. I'm very happy now.
この日の昼は途中の町にあった大衆食堂で豆スープとモロッコ名物の甘~いミント茶を頂いた。20ディルハム 約230円。物価が嬉しいくらい下がった。

People are very curious. There must be many cyclists traveling this country but seems they are still looking forward to seeing strangers. In Europe, no many people talked to me because a tourist is not something special for them. Now, I feel more traveling and loving seeing strangeness.
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