Tetouan, ティトゥアン
Arrived to Tetouan. In this region, northern part of Morocco, their culture is influenced by Andalusia in Spain. The buildings were whitish and Spanish can be used. Inside of wall called medina of Tetouan is also recognized as a UNESCO sight.


The only my complain was that my hotel was 4th floor. it was hard work to bring all my bags and bicycle up to 4th floor. After I left all my luggage, I went to the medina.

People people people, there were sooo many people. It was a bit shocking atmosphere since I got used to supermarket during Europe. Here, in Tetouan, there was absolutely real life of people.

Unstopping honking, people yelling, a guy carrying heavy stuff by a wagon. This is traveling and being involve different culture. I started feeling something being slept inside of my mind has been started waking up again.

A pass way for food, 食料品の路地

A pass way for general goods.

The area for carpenters.

The area for leather cruft

People live behind shops' area. A hill was packed by white color buildings.

As I walked, some people tried to talk to me. When I stopped by a small restaurant and had a guts soup of chicken, a shop just cross a pass way was for processing chicken. It was a shocking experience for me to eat chicken guts with listening chicken being processed.

People are so friendly here, モロッコの人はかなりフレンドリー
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