Down in the blue village, 青の村でとうとうダウン
60km ride from Tetouan. I arrived to the place called Chefchauen, a famous place for as the blue village.

There were many houses colored with blue paint. It's like melting ice-cream. Yam yam.

This town is much smaller than Tetouan but more tourists as long as I saw around. there were many souvenir shops and hotels for tourists in Inside of medina, old center. For me, to be honest, I liked Tetouan better as they were less touristic.

I'm staying Bonsai hotel, a hotel on my guidebook. They don't have international guests, only locals and no stable Internet access, it depends on neighbor. It costs only 40DH, about $4.5/night. Seems most of tourists stay a hostel in inside of medina called Mauritania.
泊まっているのはボンサイというホテル。歩き方にも載っているけれど、外国人観光客は全く来ない。1階のドミが一泊40DH 約450円とかなり安いけれどWiFiは有るらしいけれど無しに等しい。良くも悪くもないといった宿。シャウエンに来る日本人を含めた観光客はメディナの中にあるモーリタニアという安宿に集まっているっぽい。

Moroccan favorite meal, Tajin.

It costs 20DH to 30DH, $2 to $3. It's enough for general but not for as a long distance cyclist, I can eat twice as much as they normally serve.
20~30DH 約200~300円くらいでまぁまぁ腹は膨れる。正直、長距離自転車をこぐ自分にとっては2人前くらいが丁度良いくらい。

Moroccan like fish so there were many kinds of fish dishes as well.

I can eat a dish with deep flied fish for 9DH, $1 . I like it so much.

モロッコ人で混み合っている食堂で、魚フライ定食が9DH 100円とかで食べれる。骨まで食べれてめちゃくちゃ美味しい。

My body has been keeping going 37000km without much maintenance as I do for my bicycle. So far, I haven't gotten sick for long time but finally, I got in this town. I think it's because I forced myself to cycle for getting out of Europe as I had limited time in Shengen, and I had been taking cold shower in morocco. The body functioned honestly. I should have more taken care of myself.

Chefchauen has plenty of cheap restaurants and don't need to walk far for eating.
Now, time to recover seriously. I got enough time so need to take a lot of resting here.
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